As we all know, the most difficult thing to do in a movie is children and animals, but also often they will become the biggest highlight of a film, is the hot \"favorite\" is a proof. The movie, released on December 31,2019, grossed more than $300 million on the afternoon of January 2,2020, for two consecutive days. The animal actors in the film have done so well.


These pet actors are both face and acting, the pets in the six stories, except Pig Tinker Bell and Cat 726 are native actors, the rest are acting experienced animal actors. How did such a film, which combines deep feelings between people, people and pets, come out? Director Yang Zi told the secret behind The Favourite.


The director of 《's pet, yang zi's previous favorite animal movie," good dog eight gong ", decided to film "pet ", so he went to check the name of the" good dog eight gong "animal team trainer and found the trainer's email, sent him an email.


\"At the time I was just having a try, the trainer was the top and most senior in Hollywood, he's been in the business for almost 40 years and he's been the trainer since\" Baby Pig,\" but then he's largely gone to the front line himself,\" Yang said. He emailed me back, and the feedback from the communication process helped us write the script.


In October 2018, Yang and a team of trainers in Hollywood first met to communicate details. \"They're also excited because the movie involves six animals, with different sizes, personalities, tasks, different functions in the story, and shooting in China,\" Yang said.


The trainer team entered the group in December 2018, and the film began in April 2019 because the trainer had to raise pigs. Yang Zi said:``We have carried all the pig farms in Qingdao, and then found it in a pure green pig farm. ``.


Kitten 726 is the film, Kan Qingzi love token, the crew looked for more than 30 kittens, required to be born between what month to what month. The three really involved in the shooting were found only from Shanghai, and the three patterns were identical.


Two Hollywood animal trainer came to China three months ago, Yang Zi said:``They raise a cat, a pig, every day sitting in the pig circle carrying the pig, let it make friends, you can't imagine his passion. So slowly raised the piglets up to 3 months old, American trainer came to take over, enter into the more difficult training, and then as a whole, the work, environment, details of the six groups to arrange the dispatching. ``.


Before other foreign animal actors come to China, the cast should prepare a training ground for them in advance. \"Their living conditions have to be taken into account, the teams are bilingual, they are taken care of, and they are equipped with a medical diet,\" said Yang Zi, director. For the shooting process, we will meet with the trainer to study and understand the shooting scene. When small animals are at the scene, how do we protect them, and how they need to be known in the first place. Set up a whole set of this communication system and distribute it to the entire crew.


To these animal trainers, director Yang Zi's words were full of admiration:\" They turned their love for animals into the unlimited exploitation of their potential, they are using love to guide these animals, they pay attention to the protection of animal psychology. Look at their training itself as a textbook, telling you how to treat your pet. For example, presidential funding is the biggest leader on the line, but he is always there. He wants to have insight into the risk factors that may be present in the field to the animals, and to ensure a perfect working environment. There was a time when he had a high fever, but he was still on the spot after taking the medicine.


《 Pet filming on the scene is not the same as the usual shooting habits. After shouting "card ", but also wait for another password, this password and password, there are different things to do well. Yang said:" from the performance area to the boot, the division of each process is particularly detailed, these things for the normal shooting process is the opposite, so we need to know in advance, and we have to practice." The film also does a lot of pre-tests in order to be able to understand anything that can happen on the spot when you're actually shooting animals, and there's a lot of detail that relies on pre-tests to find the best working logic and processes.


\"There are no biggest challenges in the shooting process because they are all the biggest challenges,\" Yang said with a laugh. How such a large crew is transparent, how to let everyone in the first time to protect small animals, with small animals, the rhythm of the scene completely follow the animal's work is not easy. And the refinement, including the scene lens, need to make the animal's eye angle is accurate. Every step, every reaction, these are challenges.


Because actors don't have a lot of time to mingle with animals, it's also a challenge to capture this intimacy. Yang Zi, for example, said:\" At the beginning of the kitten shooting, because the kitten is particularly sensitive, so the control of the scene noise is very strict. At first, people didn't know what kind of tolerance the cat was. Later the trainer said, it doesn't matter to speak, too quiet the cat will feel strange. The dog is willing to play with people at the scene, and then we have to tell everyone, please don't take care of it, because everyone will ignore it, it will find willing to take care of it, it will feel like a good friend to the actor, virtually help it close the relationship with the actor.


The film's Tinker Bell is a 100-pound pig, heavy and out of control, which means that actors often have to match Piglet's performance status while also protecting themselves. There's a scene where the pig throws itself on Yang Zishan and tries to kiss her. The pig's nose and mouth are very close to the actor's face. For the actor, to overcome this psychological barrier, and then to protect themselves while acting. When the pig is acting, its whole state is uncontrollable. Yang Zi revealed:\" one time when the pig ran out, a foot on the arm of Zishan, fortunately did not cause harm, but the people at the scene scared a cold sweat.\"


At the scene, the pig will run at any time, will be distracted, the trainer will immediately rush in to adjust. Zhong hanliang and yang zishan couldn't help but devote themselves coherently as usual, often interrupted. But they gave up the attention they needed to perform, to match the environment, to match animals and trainers, very professional.


《's pet has now been shown on the big screen, but mr. yang still has trouble remembering the fear of filming the final scene of barton's play, and all sorts of worries and uncertainty have strained his nerves. "There are so many factors to take care of at the scene, we have 13 RVs at the scene. To control the flow of people in the community, to control the fans of actors, need countless people to protect every level, all this is no less than a small battle. Even if these things are settled, the final core creation is still unknown. So the worry has always been like a dark cloud overhead, and every time we think about it, it's getting dark, and we have to sort it out.


The scene of catching Patton was to be done in an open space, and it took a lot of effort for the crew to pick out the scene and find the scene.\" How to find a place that can both film and fit the plot, and have enough space to stop the car and walk, where other people couldn't break in, was really hard, and was lucky to find the neighborhood at last.\"


Because of all the efforts, it took Patton only two days to finish filming the climax of the new owner. Yang Zi said:\" Such a large round-up, the dog presents so complex emotional and psychological activities, have been successfully completed. So I remember the scene with mixed feelings.


For several animal actors who have soared in the film who have the best acting skills, ms. yang's answer is \"basically the same \". The film's story is different, and the reasons for the choice, the audience will be compared when watching, and the crew in the film, the performance of each animal actor to their satisfaction. If you judge by the degree of completion, Yang Zi thinks that the performance of the stray dog Barton is the best.


Howe's happy-go-lucky section, it's pretty hard to play a state of dying motionless. \"The scene was filmed all day, the house was very hot and the dog was the most heat-averse, so the temperature really helped the show,\" Yang said. In terms of the play, it's the dying dog, the room is so hot that our staff wouldn't dare to stay in it, but the dog is very professional and lying on a hard tin sheet for seven or eight hours.'


Usually acting the golden dog Xiaoza, this time in the film has become a guide dog, behind the efforts and hardships of the trainer is enormous. Xiaoza outside the play is a lively dog, jumping up and down all kinds of play, but acting, it needs to be stable, quiet, to be a guide dog should do the appearance. It takes two years to train a guide dog, but only two months in the film, which means that it must learn all the qualities of a guide dog in a short period of time, be undisturbed, walk in a straight line, and keep a pace with the walking owner. These may seem simple, but they are all very difficult.


For cat 726, mr. yang says it releases a lot of natural things. \"You feel like it's done a lot and there's a lot of improvisation and even a lot of surprises in it.


And Yang Zi believes that the most difficult is the pig, to give up their own nature, into the performance state, these performances behind the investment of hard work and effort is no way to quantify. (Reporter: