Nanjing several Yangtze River Bridge renamed to explore the right to education punishment, for the \"point skimming\" and other side of the teaching plan... On the first day of 2020, the Nanjing new teacher recruitment examination written examination opens. If you want to be a teacher, you have to go through the first level of the written test. The Nanjing has more than 10,000 candidates to apply for the examination, providing more than 3200 teacher posts, an average of seven people to compete for a post. Compared with previous years, the teacher recruitment examination is still hot.


Towards 12 noon, the examination is about to end, the reporter came to Nanjing No.1 examination center. A parent is waiting for a child at the door. \"My daughter is a graduate of Xu normal University, she wanted to be a teacher, so the university did not hesitate to apply for a teacher. The parent told reporters that her daughter is learning chinese, in fact, good employment, not limited to teachers, but as parents, we must respect her wishes.


Next to a parent accompanied the children from Xuzhou to the examination. \"My daughter is a teacher and has a local establishment, but she wants to be admitted to Nanjing,\" he said.


A boy who accompanied his girlfriend to the exam said:\" I have already worked in Nanjing, I hope she also came to Nanjing. Being a teacher is good, stable and well respected. The boy told reporters that the girlfriend is a teacher, so the first choice is definitely to be a teacher, whether public or private, as long as become a teacher is very satisfied.


Examinee Xiao Wu (pseudonym) in Nanjing Yuhuatai District a public junior high school contemporary class teacher. The re-war teacher recruitment examination, in fact, for a round heart long-cherished wish. \"I like the profession of teacher and hope to be admitted to the teaching profession. \"Xiao Wu admitted that his four years of teaching experience advantage is more reflected in the interview, for the written test, I do not have an advantage over fresh graduates. \"Because I teach junior high school, I'm more familiar with junior high school subjects. \".


The new teacher recruitment written examination is organized by the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Education, with a total score of 160 points for public knowledge and professional knowledge respectively. At the end of the examination, the examinee went out of the examination room one after another. When asked what the content of the test, many candidates have issued \"soul feeling.\" Someone said,\" Ah! I can't remember anything! Don't ask me what I did on the exam, I really don't want to recall any of the details!' Someone regrets,\" I prepared the current political hot spots, not a test.\" There are also candidates told reporters:\" subjects are simple, public basic knowledge test miscellaneous, current political hot spots, common sense, nanjing culture everything!\"


“In fact, a lot of questions and life related, quite approachable! I was most impressed by the names of several yangtze river bridges in nanjing. The title gives a new name for each bridge and chooses the right option. Fortunately, I read the news on the news. It's really important to pay attention to the news! Most of the candidates who walk out of the examination room recall this topic.


In addition to this, the written examination also took the topic of \"educational discipline \", which was popular some time ago. Xiao Wang (pseudonym), majoring in English teacher training, told the reporter:\" This question is not difficult, mainly to talk about the views, I think teachers should be reasonable use of discipline, strict kindness to help it! \".


Nan normal university graduate student tian ming registered for the 29 language teacher post. On the whole, he thinks, the test is moderately difficult, and the composition has profound implications. \"The first sentence is Wang Yangming's'breaking mountain thieves easy, breaking the heart of thieves', but also to Laozi's'winning strong, self-winning strong. Write a composition according to these two sentences. Tian Ming's undergraduate science is Chinese language and literature, and graduate students study ancient Chinese literature, so it is easy for him to understand these two sentences. However, tian ming believes that this essay is actually to test the understanding of the professional connotation of teachers. \"This sentence emphasizes the relationship between people and self, in the teacher's examination, not only to test writing, but also to hope that the teacher can stick to the post and keep the initial mind. It's in line with what I'm looking forward to from the inside.'


“gives us a picture of the" dead old tree ", corresponding to the "vertical" stroke, I think this question is to inspire us to use the scene to carry out the teaching design of the radical, to make the form of teaching more vivid. Wang Huizhong, an examinee at Jiangsu Second Normal College, told reporters that he had passed the written teacher recruitment examination in Changzhou and also took the postgraduate examination. "If a graduate student is admitted to the University, I may continue to study and become a college teacher in the future.


Reporter learned that Nanjing this year a total of more than 10,000 candidates to sign up for new teacher recruitment examination. And the total number of new teacher recruitment posts in Nanjing is more than 3200, of which directly affiliated schools and Sicheng District recruit a total of 802 people. Roughly speaking, an average of seven people compete for one teaching post.

  本次笔试成绩是应聘新进教师的必备条件。面试在市教育局的指导、监督下,由招聘学校按照公开招聘的有关规定和备案后的面试方案组织实施。面试主要测试履行岗位职责所需的专业知识、业务能力和综合素质。主要采用专业加试、课堂教学、模拟课堂、说课、结构化面试等一种或多种形式的组合。考生总成绩=笔试成绩(百分制成绩)×30% 面试成绩(百分制成绩)×70%。(扬子晚报/紫牛新闻记者李晨)

The result of this written examination is a necessary condition for applying for new teachers. Under the guidance and supervision of the Municipal Bureau of Education, the interview shall be organized by the recruitment school in accordance with the relevant regulations of open recruitment and the interview program after filing. The interview mainly tests the professional knowledge, professional ability and comprehensive quality required to perform the duties of the post. Mainly use professional plus test, classroom teaching, simulation class, speaking class, structured interview and other forms or combinations. Total score of examinee = written test score (100%)×30% interview score (100%)×70%. (Yangzi Evening News/Purple Niu News reporter Li Chen)