The A-share market stabilised on Friday, with the popular concept stock, represented by gravity media (603598), and the tesla concept stock, represented by chang aluminum (002160), falling the most, meaning the theme stock hype has a fever, hot money is gradually retreating.


Since mid-December 2019, the volume of A-share market has become more and more active, and the subject matter hype has heated up, mainly thanks to the local hot money to join A-share, which has led to the emergence of many new topics in Shanghai and Shenzhen, such as network red concept stocks, Tesla concept stocks, such stocks in the short term, most of the leading varieties of such stocks rose 50%, or even a 200% increase like Saturday (002291) super strong stocks.


In the face of such a huge increase, short-term hot money gradually to stop the trend. Because past experience has shown that failing to stop in time makes it easy for regulators to notice. If reached this step, not only will the book floating earnings difficult to cash in, but also will have a negative impact on the subsequent further hot speculation. Therefore, some hot money this week has apparently had the active retreat operation strategy. Saturday and other leading varieties in the high share price has appeared a wide range of shock trend, this is typical of the high shock reduction operation graphics.


Because of this, analysts point out that the active withdrawal of hot money, cooling the subject matter of speculation, of course, will bring some pressure on the short-term A-share market interpretation, such as Friday's A-share volume has shrunk, such as the lack of offensive index, but also conducive to the subsequent market development, because the active cooling, so that the market has a benign adjustment trend, will not cause regulatory attention. In that case, once a new hype theme, these hot money will quickly return, thus providing a new opportunity for the future trend of A-shares.


However, this does not mean that the short-term A-share market will be quiet. Because, A-share market in addition to the subject matter hype short-term hot money, there is a preference for blue-chip stocks, growth stocks of medium-and long-term funds. These medium- and long-term funds generally adopt the strategy of buying, locking up positions and holding shares, so the continued small increase in such funds will not bring too much trading volume, the impact on A-share turnover is not very big, as in the second and third quarters of 2019, northbound funds continue to add liquor warehouse, home appliances and other blue-chip stocks, but A-share turnover changes are not the same.


On Friday, the scene resumed. Because the hot money speculation ebbs, the volume has shrunk, but to the north capital and so on as the representative medium-and-long line funds continue to add the position. Reflected in the disk, is represented by the ancient jinggong wine (000596) liquor blue-chip return, the more fully adjusted growth stocks are also becoming more active, such as lizhu group (000513) as the representative of pharmaceutical blue-chip stocks, huiding technology (603160) as the representative of the big market chip stocks have a big pull up.


It can be seen that the trend of the short-term A-share market appeared a relatively clear feature, that is, short-term hot money speculation cooling, A-share turnover rate, transaction amount are down, but, the middle and long-term capital plus the rhythm of the warehouse is still clear, blue Shou shares, growth stocks are still in the rising channel. That could be a bright spot in the recent A-share market, mainly because the current A-share market has reached January 2020, meaning it opens the cycle of the 2019 annual report and the market in the first quarter of 2020. During this cycle, the performance stimulus will be greatly enhanced, with liquor stocks, chip stocks active in large part because the 2019 annual report is expected to exceed expectations. Therefore, as the annual performance information began to increase, the activity of such stocks is expected to boost, thus adding new investment opportunities for the A-share market.


To sum up, the short-term A-share market is likely to be relatively tough, mainly because of blue chip stocks, growing stocks are becoming more active, but the stock trading opportunities have been reduced, mainly because of the short-term hot money has declined. Therefore, in the operation, it is recommended that market participants focus more on the annual performance mining, more attention to the growth stocks, blue-chip performance stimulation brought about by the short-term stock price pull up opportunities. (For more original information, please download the \"Surging News\" app)